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About Us

          H. L. Lichstrahl and Company, LLC manages both equity only and balanced portfolios.  We adhere to a disciplined value approach to selecting securities for investment.   Our  focus is on earning superior absolute returns over time while keeping the risk of permanent capital impairment low.    Our firm’s culture is grounded in managing our clients’ investments with the same care and thought as our own.  We steadfastly avoid any activity that may prove to be in conflict with our clients’ interests thus  we do not engage in any syndication, underwriting or market making activities. 

     We are a small organization and intend to stay that way.  Large institutional firms now dominate the investment management industry and their investment process has become institutionalized as well.  Often, portfolios are little more than surrogates for one of the popular indices.  We are unafraid to make what we believe to be the best long-term investment decisions possible without regard to how it may benchmark to an arbitrary index in the short-term. 

     We have the conviction and intellectual honesty to invest our own and our families' liquid net worth in the same manner as our clients’ funds.  By "eating our own cooking," our personal risks and rewards are aligned with those of our clients.

For further information please mail at info@lichstrahl.com